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At OKTAVE, we firmly embrace the motto "Learning by Doing," which forms the foundation of our #education programs by fostering collaborative #knowledge construction through meaningful interactions with our participants. In alignment with the latest advancements in #neuroscience and social psychology, we have long integrated engaging activities into our courses to enhance and solidify the learning experience.


Recognizing the significance of playfulness and enjoyment in fostering deeper learning, we have developed gamified activities, encompassing competition and rewards, the norm at OKTAVE.


While the digitalization of these activities was already underway, the COVID-19 pandemic compelled us to accelerate the adoption of digital tools in our training programs. Although this transition posed challenges, it unveiled a host of advantages for both participants and brands alike.


For participants, the utilization of familiar technology, such as their smartphones, represents a significant advantage. As our audience primarily comprises client advisors, boutique managers and hospitality teams, designing activities centered around laptops would fail to mirror their personal and professional realities. This is particularly evident when catering to the preferences of the millennial generation. Additionally, the accessibility and sharing of knowledge after training sessions offer participants lasting benefits. Whether through word clouds or best practice repositories, information is centralized, exported, and easily shared during or after the session. Furthermore, the visually appealing and social media-inspired design of our activities has replaced the traditional whiteboard, ensuring engagement and familiarity.


From the perspective of brands, the scalability of digital activities is an undeniable advantage. Regardless of the number of participants or sessions, these activities can be duplicated effortlessly. In terms of key performance indicators, digital activities yield higher participant engagement rates due to their nature and the participant benefits. Moreover, valuable insights can be extracted from activities, such as the percentage of correct answers and response times, creativity, ideas, enabling continuous improvement of content.

Lastly, the export capabilities of shared knowledge provide brands with limitless resources, whether for collecting and disseminating best practices within their retail networks or embracing design thinking approaches.


In conclusion, at OKTAVE, we continuously strive to improve and elevate the learning journey for our participants. By embracing the principles of active learning, gamification, and digitalization, we ensure an engaging and effective training experience that caters to the evolving needs of our learners.


We remain committed to co-constructing knowledge, leveraging the latest advancements in neuroscience and social psychology, and providing accessible and scalable solutions that deliver long-lasting value for both individuals and organizations.


If you don’t have fun, you don’t learn!

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