The leaders in global luxury retail team performance acceleration. 

Amplify performance,

transform behavior !

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Maya Angelou

         What we do        

We transform in-store behavior through a 360° approach.

We reimagine and design great education experiences, consultancy and digital solutions.

In-store experience cannot anymore be only a place of transactional shopping.


We believe that stores must be places of relational engagement to develop sustainable high performance.

The way we support this transformation is by acting as accelerators of in-store behavior transformation for Store Leaders and Clients Advisors developing inspiring and practical enablers of behavioral change.

"When behavior matches strategy, this leads to robust and sustainable business growth."

Our solutions

At OKTAVE we love music !

That is were we have got our name from.

An octave, very simply put, means doubling the frequency or vibration of the original note.


At OKTAVE, we are passionate about bringing the ethos of music into your business, unleashing your teams’ potential and developing performance to help them reach their next octave.


We use methods which often make parallels with the inspiring world of artists.

Sharing is caring

9000+ performers

35+ countries

10+ languages

80+ success stories

17 000 000 clients impacted by our team

Let’s make

music together! 

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