The leaders in global luxury retail team performance acceleration. 

"Redonner les lettres de noblesse aux métiers du retail"

We transform in-store behavior.

“People will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.”


Maya Angelou

We work with global retail brands developing opportunities for enhanced in-store client experiences and commercial performance, in alignment with their brand values embedding their brand DNA.

Through our retail expertise and learning design competencies, our anthropological approach enables us to grow competencies, transform behaviors and mindsets to generate sustainable growth of revenue.

Ultimately, getting a strong ROI on their most important asset in their business, their people.  

We transform in-store behavior through a 360° approach supported by upstream consultancy and education.

When behavior matches strategy, this leads to robust and sustainable business growth.

Perhaps you’ve partnered with an agency in the past and they told you everything that you need to do, the “what”. But did they successfully accompany you on the implementation of those things that you need to do, the "how" ? 

What makes us so different   

  • Our passion for the "métier of retail"

  • Decades of strategic and hands-on experience in luxury retail, hospitality and services

  • Worldwide coverage with global and regional culturally connected experts, fluent in 10+ native languages

  • Deep knowledge of the Asian markets and long-term experience with Chinese global travelling clients

  • In-store "where the magic happens" focus

  • Our result proven 5 steps learning method with blended learning modalities   

  • Unequalled level of energy of our coaches

  • We love the métier of retail​

  • We deliver emotional energy

  • We challenge people to go beyond

  • We believe that ultimate elegance is to be yourself

  • We embrace the uniqueness of the others

  • We encourage open and honest communication

  • We serve our clients in the way we would like to be served


  • We dedicate time to engage with our clients: the opposite of a nine to five mindset!


  • ​​We share our tactics, stories and secrets because we really care

At OKTAVE we love music !

  • We dare to do things differently

  • We use methods which often make parallels with the inspiring world of artists

  • We create memorable experiences because they are unconventional

Ready to

go up another octave ?

An octave, in music, very simple put, means doubling the frequency or vibration of the original note.

At Oktave, we are passionate about bringing the ethos of music into your business, unleashing your teams’ potential and developing performance to help them reach their next octave.

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How OKTAVE'S team has turned challenges into 80+ success stories

for 50+ clients

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What we do to support brands and what you can get when partnering with our team

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How we’ve supported clients to grow sales from returning clients by 18%, improve team loyalty by 24%, increase number of Ambassadors by 30% and rocketed cross selling rate by 250%

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