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Your virtual in-store reality journey starts here,

with us!

Now is the time to think about modern, impactful and investment effective ways to learn. 

Have you ever imagined training or coaching your in-store teams in a “virtual” brick and mortar store, where they can practice presenting products, improve their client engagements, develop powerful skills, interact with their colleagues and much more

whilst their peers and their coach can be anywhere else in the world?

All this is now possible with OKTAVE’s unrivalled in-store virtual reality solution!

Why, what and how

As it has been published in several studies, Virtual Reality has the highest impact on learning retention compared to any digital modality.

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Why use Virtual Reality to train and coach in-store teams?

  • Engage teams which can be located and spread out anywhere around the world

  • Work with an innovative, agile and evolutive tool

  • Learn and practice in an interactive and safe environment

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What do we propose, concretely?

  • Remote “live” sessions in OKTAVE’s virtual store - or in yours!

  • Modality using impactful learning methods such as games, simulations and presentations

  • Safe solution, easy to implement and to operate, which can be used as standalone or in blended learning journeys

  • Investment effective approach with no travelling costs

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How does it work?

  • 1 to 1 or 1 to few live sessions, with an OKTAVE expert

  • Sessions of 20’ to 30’ which can be reconducted after a short break

  • Teams and coach are equipped with VR equipment; the coach takes care of the set-up of each session

What clients say about us

WW Retail Excellence Director,

Fashion Brand

“OKTAVE’s team has developed and rolled-out a worldwide program for our client advisors, focusing on client engagement. Not only has this program received the best ever feedbacks from our teams, but it has also helped us to increase our conversion rate by 2 points.”

Regional HR Manager,

Leather Goods Manufacturer

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! For the first time, I could confidently go to my general manager and report concrete business results on the coaching investments I made for the teams!”

WW HR Learning,

Leading Beauty Group

“It is great to work with OKTAVE's team. They are full of energy and have accompanied us for a few years with inspiring methods to develop and empower our in-store managers to transform our in-store culture. Results are there and the show goes on!

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