Our solutions

Our vision

Relational engagement is the cornerstone strategy of high performing teams.

The profile of luxury clients, along with their ways of shopping and expectations continue to change dramatically.


At OKTAVE, we believe that the in-store experience can no longer be about creating an environment of transactional shopping. We believe that stores must be places of relational engagement to develop sustainable high performance.


The way we support this transformation is by acting as an accelerator of in-store behavior transformation for Store Leaders and Clients Advisors, developing inspiring and practical enablers of behavioral change.

Our 5 steps method

How we design and implement your projects

Our aim is to accompany you and your teams to generate high and sustainable growth of revenue.​

Ultimately, getting a strong ROI on your most important asset in your business, your people.

To maximize their impact, we design, implement and measure each project by following our result proven 5 steps method.

(80+ success stories)

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