Want to boost your teams

and get back to business

post covid-19?

This pandemic, which has not only created fear and anxiety, has also redistributed the cards in the retail landscape, with the increased comfort and confidence in online shopping.

Luxury Retail needs to rethink the in-store dynamic to create a safe and positive purchasing environment and to re-assure the Clients.

Retail Recovery Outline

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Watch this inspiring webinar hosted by Betty & Frederik

“Retail Recovery - Getting Back To Business Post Covid-19”

Our online program aims to equip your team leaders in their next challenge:

  • The New Norm & How to Reinvent Store Ambiance

  • Welcoming back the Clients

  • Advanced Clienteling​

and give them the confidence, the tools and techniques for an effective and motivational business recovery.

This journey is the first step towards bringing back Your Clients to the stores and build a happy and motivational store environment.