Now that we’re following the wake of COVID-19, stores have now reopened – or they’re just about to. With that in mind, brands have begun to implement post-COVID-19 crisis guidelines to ensure that their teams have the knowledge, training, and resources to engage with clients and continue to sell remotely.

Here comes the big question:

How convincing are the results?

In order to achieve your sales goals, client advisors and team leaders need to do more than simply follow a set of guidelines. They need to actively rethink, innovate, and create new ways to engage with their clients, so that they can learn just how to effectively convert sales even at a distance.

Here's How It's Done

This means that teams need to develop their agility in 2 strategic areas:

Online Clienteling & Social Media Utilization

Sell & Close Deals Remotely 

How We Can Help

In order to bring your team up to speed, OKTAVE works hand in hand with you to provide you with customized learning programs specifically designed to ensure that you’re able to achieve fast and effective results.

We’ll design a program specifically around your brand’s objectives, so that your teams can work within their typical parameters to learn how to optimize their sales tactics for a post-COVID-19 world. From there, we’ll customize your training programs to ensure that you have the ability to facilitate them either face to face, or remotely through webinars and other self-learning mechanisms.

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