At OKTAVE, we positively influence managerial and sales performance. We are also engaged in transforming organizational culture to enhance overall brand performance.

OKTAVE is a Swiss-based company.


We have a worldwide presence with regional and global consultants.

From there, we have the agility to roll-out multiple programs simultaneously in locations all throughout the world in complete harmony. And every step of the way, we’re sure to adapt each program to regional context. 


We have a deep knowledge of the Asian markets and long-term experience with Chinese global travelling clients.


Today, we deliver our programs in French, English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Dutch, Arabic, and more on request. 

What you can get with us 

Discover our practical solutions with actionable and easy to follow-up recommendations for progressive results and long term team engagement.

Discover our winning Business-Growth Strategies to multiply try-on, conversion and cross selling rates, enhance returning client contribution and apply quick wins to significantly boost sales.

Learn how to build rock-solid emotionally engaged teams, with our Personal Formulas for Success. Master story telling, grow numbers of returning clients and significantly grow your numbers of client Ambassadors.

Learn how to transform managers into store leader coaches engaging and motivating their teams through structured, impactful and inspiring Rituals.

Learn simultaneously and consistently in 10+ native languages with our global and regional teams. Deliver harmonized excellency as well as culturally synchronized experiences.

Discover our creative learning methods blending in-store and digital, our takeaway toolboxes, frameworks and practical learning packs for immediate use in store.

Areas of expertise

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