How we help your teams to become Virtuosos


Through our progressive behavioral transformation approach,

we develop your client advisors to become the Artists of relational engagement and increase their commercial performance; we develop your managers to become the greatest Store Conductors to successfully lead their teams for the long run. 

We do this through our in-house experiential, practical, and inspiring learning approaches.

We help release the potential of teams by breaking down barriers, eliminating self-limiting beliefs, teaching powerful skills, implementing solutions, and following up on execution.

IGROW in-store coaching

for fast, impactful and sustainable results


Coach team leaders

We go beyond management to create a joyful service environment which energizes client advisors through rituals, language and behaviors that grow the business on a daily basis.


Coach client advisors

We coach client advisors to engage people creating an environment of welcome, significance and competence that delivers key performance indicators.


Team leadership and engagement 

Engaging the client creates opportunities through emotional door openers. 

You cannot engage someone, including your team, if you do not radiate engagement yourself.


7 Rituals for successful luxury store leaders - Maestro

Behavioral transformation needs more than competence development – it requires forming and anchoring new practices and habits on a regular basis. By performing team rituals, luxury store leaders enhance their leadership role and energize their team to deliver relational engagement with their clients and exceed sales.

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Coaching for retail excellence

Coaching is not a task: it is a mindset. We enable your managers to understand how a coaching approach can release the potential of their teams, transform their behavior, improve work ambience and deliver commercial success. From here, it’s just a short step to embracing the mindset of manager-coach for dynamic in-store environments.​


Client engagement 

We equip sales teams with skills and tools that impact on how they then create dreams for their clients,

and as a consequence improve their commercial performance.


Artists of relationship engagement - Maestro

As the stores are becoming also true touch points of client engagement, Client Advisors need to change their mindset and behaviors from transactional selling to relationships engagement by developing their skills of connection and trust to create delighted and loyal Clients.

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Be on stage

Client engagement is a performing art. With this energizing program, your teams will be immersed in the world of artists and practice performing arts skills to create memorable client experiences. They will be inspired by insights, improvisation and fun with one of our skilled coach-artist who will enhance their agility to create a wider emotional repertoire.

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Orchestrating in-store clienteling

In-store clienteling plays a crucial role in maximizing every sales opportunity from new and returning clients. We motivate client advisors to be proactive in understanding and engaging with their clients, inspiring them to discover personal and valuable information beyond their product request, and creating long-lasting relationships and a strong desire to buy.


Category boosting

Some product categories need a fresh perspective to re-energize their sales. Client advisors usually prefer to stick with their core product categories – why present challenging products when you can go for the "fast and easy"?

woman in the white dress above the sky_j

Grands Vendeurs

This program is aimed at promising and ambitious client advisors who want to move from good sales to Virtuoso. This program will help to develop an entrepreneurial mindset, which is needed to successfully connect with High Net Worth Individuals (HNWI) and sell High-Value items. Developing personal branding and client-centric skills will facilitate a more personalized and authentic relationship that in time will increase their loyalty and boost high-ticket sales.

Young Female Singer Isolated.png

Our programs are delivered by our retail coaches in your environment, with a practical follow-up process.

Our learning approach

In the same way as in a ballet, we choreograph your in-store rhythm and melody to increase performance. We help release the potential of teams by breaking down barriers, eliminating self-limiting beliefs, teaching powerful skills, implementing solutions, and following up on execution.

Impact of our learning approach

At OKTAVE, going from knowing to doing means...

Practice, Practice and Practice,Rehearse, Rehearse and Rehearse, beyond comfort, to the power of mastery.

What you remember after 3 weeks

What you remember after 3 months


70 % 

Told and


72 % 

Told, shown and experienced

85 % 

10 % 

32 % 

65 %

We approach education with your business in mind.