Education is critical to transform behaviors, but it’s not the only aspect that comes into play.  
Organizational resources and engagement are also key pieces to the puzzle. With our in-depth retail and organizational behavior knowledge, combined with our auditing capacity, we propose comprehensive and global consultancy solutions with actionable and easy to follow-up recommendations. 
OKTAVE offers five solutions to support brands in their engagement and performance geared towards employees and clients alike. 

Consultancy solutions

Our practical in-store clienteling approach enables your client relationship management vision to become concrete and real. According to your client engagement ambitions and aligned to your brand values, we design and help you implement a unique client touch points framework which includes tactics and a behavioral model that your in-store teams can easily use to outreach successfully with their clients and prospects.

Our Team engagement strategy (re)-defines the employees value proposition and helps to build your employer brand and shifts organizational capabilities. After a 360° review to understand your team’s level of engagement, we develop an easy-to-follow up framework to optimize work performance pillars such as culture, compensation and career development.

Our Winning organizational retail culture framework approach creates a retail culture that aligns the brand values and promise with the concrete reality of the in-store environment; transforming your team’s mind state and behaviors to create outstanding long-lasting quality client engagement and commercial results. In effect, team engagement, performance, morale, retention and advocacy are boosted. 

Our client experience signatures design method can be applied to a complete design or a redesign of your client experience journey (before, during, and after the store visit), to some specific moments (for example, the after sales journey), or to a specific product. We can help you design it, and most importantly implement it.

Our Stage Flow © audit explores how your current in-store choreography aligns both brand values and the client journey. As a result, we orchestrate options for the most effective learning experiences for your teams.

We approach consultancy with

your performance 

in mind.

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