Client cases

Sales teams and leaders require tools to proactively connect and engage emotionally to create business opportunities.

Client case: 

Emotional Engagement 

A world-famous Italian brand known for its absolute refinement requested our help in its relentless pursuit of excellence to deliver an unrivalled, consistent and worldwide in-store client focused experience. 


The program was rolled out to more than 50 stores in 7 languages and included intense in-store coaching. Our client reported that this project received the most positive feedback from all their teams, that it generated a significant growth of the number of their client ambassadors and a global 2 points increase of their conversion rate.

Leaders need the best set of skills and behaviors to sustainably lead, motivate, develop and retain their teams. They build bridges, not silos.

Client case: 

Team leadership 

One of the fastest-growing, globally recognized fashion brands approached us to design and roll out a worldwide program for 120+ selected store directors and department managers.

As a result, a global mindset shift and behavioral change led to the blooming of a worldwide team performance-centric culture, creating a strong impact on team engagement with a 24% increase of the team’s loyalty during the roll-out of the program and the eight following months.

Brand leaders need to compose and implement individualized emotional client experience signatures.

Client case: 

Experience signatures 

A world-renowned French high-end home furniture brand asked us to design distinctive service signatures for its showroom experience in 23 major North American locations.

As a result, client advisors increased their confidence in delivering a distinctive luxury experience that was more personalized, emotional and true-to-brand – resulting in a 30% increase of reported client Ambassadors as well as an 18% sales growth from returning clients.

Some product categories need a fresh perspective to re-energize their sales.

Client case: 

Category boosting 

One of the world’s most desired luxury women’s fashion brands asked us to help boost sales of an underperforming product category in their flagship stores.

Oktave’s team designed and rolled-out a blended tailor-made program including intense real time shop floor coaching. Numbers speak for themselves: conversion rate on the specific category was multiplied by two and cross selling rate increased by 250%. Icing on the cake: the significant behavioral transformation on this one category had a direct and impact on the other categories.

Some client achievements

What our ambassadors say

Most new clients come to us through a referral. 

We have built on-going partnerships with brands who have, for some, 

been loyal to our team for almost a decade.

“C’est un vrai plaisir de travailler avec une équipe aussi professionnelle et attentionnée que vous. Nos équipes ressentent véritablement la passion qui vous anime, et les lettres de noblesse que vous insufflez à ce magnifique métier qu’est le retail.”

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Haute Horlogerie
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