Client stories

Most clients come to us through a referral. 

We have built on-going partnerships with brands who have, for some, been loyal to our team for more than a decade.


We have been working with OKTAVE for many years on a program to develop, equip and accompany our store managers.

The results have always been excellent and our teams always ask for more!

Immediately after the end of the confinement related to COVID, we have restarted our intensive collaboration with their team; in the meantime, we have taken the opportunity to re-energize our sales teams by offering them in-store coaching.


Results : average sales growth, faster rebound than our competitors and acceleration of market share gains.

At OKTAVE, they have this unique capacity to boost teams and give them the confidence in what they do; not only do they share keys, tips and tactics which truly make the difference, but they also make sure that teams apply them. And it works !

If you are looking for a solid partner, expert, reliable, with a passionate, engaged, flexible and fun team, do not hesitate to solicit them.

The return on investment is indisputable !

And if you want to discuss this with me in person, please contact Frederik Schreve who will give you my contact details.

Francesco dS, Retail Director,

World’s largest cosmetics group




A leading fashion brand called us to help them solve the problem of the lack of skills of some underperforming store managers.

To address this challenge, we customized and rolled-out our “7 Rituals for successful store leaders” learning journey.

As a result, we helped managers to progressively replace outdated management routines into powerful leadership rituals by implementing practical tools, frameworks and team “moments”, and by significantly improve the organization, rhythm and tonality of the interactions with their teams.

Client emotional engagement

A famous Italian brand known for its absolute refinement requested our help in its relentless pursuit of excellence in delivering unrivalled emotional, consistent and culturally adapted client experiences. 

To meet these expectations, we rolled-out our "8 notes for exceptional client engagement" program in seven languages, with teams from more than 70 stores.

As a result, participants evaluated this program as the best-ever received education program; within the following 6 months, our client increased its conversion rate by 17% on average and grew the number of its client Ambassadors by 26%.


remote sales

An exclusive jeweler asked us to help their client advisors develop the necessary confidence as well as winning behaviors to conduct engaging virtual presentations and sell at distance in ways that deliver fast results.

As a result, at the end of the journey, most coached teams were able to lead structured and inspiring presentations. The objective of e-presentations was exceeded and several € 100,000.- + sales were converted.



A world-renowned French high-end home furniture brand asked us to design distinctive service signatures for its showroom experience in major North American locations.

To address their request, we applied our “intention-moments-signatures” methodology to create distinctive, personalized, emotional and true-to-brand experiences.

As a result, our client reported a 30% increase of client Ambassadors and 18% sales growth from their returning clients.


“C’est un vrai plaisir de travailler avec une équipe aussi professionnelle et attentionnée que vous. Nos équipes ressentent véritablement la passion qui vous anime, et les lettres de noblesse que vous insufflez à ce magnifique métier qu’est le retail.”

International Sales Director,
Haute Horlogerie